Free Amigurumi Pig Crochet Pattern (US Terms)

Pig Amigurumi | Free Crochet Pattern

This is a free amigurumi crochet pattern for a little pig with small bucket.

I’d like to share with you my latest crochet pattern which features a little pig carrying a small bucket. This tutorial will show how to make your own little pig. If you would like to print this pattern you can purchase an ad-free printable pdf version of this pattern here.

The amigurumi crochet pattern is written in US crochet terms, complete with clear instructions and pictures to help you along the way. Some parts of this little pig are crocheted in continuous spirals without joining the rounds. I suggest using a stitch marker or different colour yarn to keep track of where each round begins.

This pattern is crocheted in dk weight yarn and is approximately four inches tall.  Please be aware that size may vary depending on the yarn and hook size used. Gauge is not particularly important, but just be consistent with the tension you are using. For some of my favourite amigurumi tips check out ….. 6 TIPS AND TRICKS FOR BETTER AMIGURUMI……And most importantly, enjoy.

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Crochet Pattern Info

  • Skill Level: Easy/Intermediate
  • US Terminology (click here for UK Terms)
  • Permission to sell the finished product (kindly link to Just A Little Crochet as the designer when possible)
  • Printable pdf available for purchase here.

Pattern Materials

To make this free amigurumi crochet pattern you will need the following materials:
The yarn I used is 100% cotton yarn in dk by Paintbox yarns you can find it here.  Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK.
Another great cotton yarn I love to use for my amigurumi is the rainbow cotton yarn from Hobbii. This yarn is available in 3 sizes 8/4 = 4ply, 8/8 = dk and they also do a 8/6 which is somewhere in-between the other two. You can find the rainbow cotton yarn here!

Abbreviations used in this crochet pattern:

This crochet pattern is written using US Crochet Terms to view this pattern in UK Crochet Terms Click Here.

  • mc | magic circle/loop
  • ch | chain stitch
  • sl st | slip stitch
  • sc | single crochet
  • st | stitch
  • inc | increase (2 sc in the same stitch)
  • dec– decrease 

Crochet Pattern | Amigurumi Pig


The head is worked in continuous rounds. 

Using main colour, pink yarn make a magic circle.

Round 1.   start with 6 sc into magic circle

Round 2.   2 sc into each st around (12 )

Round 3.   [1 sc, inc] 6 times ( 18 )

Round 4.   [2 sc, inc] 6 times ( 24 )

Round 5.   [3 sc, inc] 6 times ( 30 )

Round 6.   [4 sc, inc] 6 times ( 36 )

Round 7–13.  sc in each st around ( 7 rows )

Note: If using safety eyes, attach them now.

Round 14.   [4 sc, dec] 6 times ( 30 )

Round 15.   [3 sc, dec] 6 times ( 24 )

Round 16.   [2 sc, inc] 6 times ( 18 )

cut yarn.

Ears (make 2)

Round 1.   chain 5, sc in 2nd ch from hook , sc to end, ch 1 turn (4 sc total) 

Round 2.   sc in each st, ch 1 turn ( 4 )

Round 3.   inc, 2 sc, inc, ch 1 turn ( 6 )

Round 4.   inc, 4 sc, inc, ch 1 turn  ( 8 )   

Round 5–7.   sc in each st across, ch 1 turn

Round 8.   dec, 4 sc, dec, ch 1 turn ( 6 )   

Round 9.  dec, 2sc, dec, ch 1 turn ( 4 )

Round 10.  2 dec ( 2 )

Round 11.   dec. (1)

cut yarn . make 2 ears attach to top of head.


Legs and Body

Using main colour, pink yarn make a magic circle.

Round 1.   start with 6 sc into magic circle

Round 2.   2 sc in each st around  ( 12 )

Round 3–5.   sc in each st around ( 3 rows )

Cut yarn make one more but do not cut yarn this time and continue to next round.

Round 6.   ch 2, sl st to any st on the other leg, work sc in next 12 sts, sc in each of the 2 ch , sc in next 12 sts, sc in other side of chain. ( 28 )

Round 7–15.   sc in each st around ( 9 rows )

Round 16.   [ 5 sc, dec ] 4 times ( 24 )

Round 17.   [ 2 sc dec] 6 times ( 18 )

cut yarn leaving a long tail for attaching to head  , fasten off


Using blue yarn,

Round 1.   Chain 31 , sl st to other end to make ring.

Round 2 – 9.   sc in each st around ( 8 rows )

Round 10.    Ch 3 skip 15 sts and sl st in next, work sc in next 15 sts

Round 11. work sl st in each of the previous ch 3, sc in next 15 sts.

Cut yarn, weave in ends, place on pig before attaching the straps

Straps ( make 2 )

Round 1.  ch 3, sc in 2nd ch from hook, ch 1 turn ( 2 )

Round 2–11.  sc in each st ( 2 ) 

Cut yarn, it is easier to attach to the dungarees after you put them on your pig

Attach to the front of the dungarees first then attach to the back. Repeat for other side


Round 1.   8 sc into magic circle

Round 2.   2 sc into each st around ( 16 sts )

Round 3.   sc into back loop only of each st 

Round 4.   dec 8 times. ( 8 sts )

add some stuffing and close up.


Round 1.   10 sc into magic circle 

Round 2–4.  sc in each st around ( 3 rows )

Round 5.   [3 sc, dec] 2 times ( 8 )

Round 6–11. sc in each st around

cut yarn leaving tail for attaching to body


Using different colour yarn I used orange, make a magic circle.

Round 1.   8 sc into magic circle 

Round 2.   2 sc in each st around

Round 3.  sc into the back loop only of each st

Round 4–7.   sc in each st ( 4 rows )

Cut yarn


Using white yarn,

Round 1.  ch 6, st st across 

Round 2.  ch1 sl st across to end.

Cut yarn attach to top of bucket.

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