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Do you want to join my group & become a Just a Little Crochet pattern tester?

On this page you can read all about how crochet pattern testing for Just a Little Crochet works. Find out how you can sign up to become a crochet pattern tester. Besides that you’ll learn more about what’s in it for you, as well as me/Just a Little Crochet.

I’m regularly looking for crochet pattern testers to test new designs. I am looking for pattern testers with all kinds of experience, from beginners to experienced.

Why I need crochet pattern testers?

I am constantly working on and creating new crochet patterns. The difficulty level of my patterns varies and includes patterns that are suitable for all skill levels, from beginner’s to advanced crocheters.

As a designer, prior to publishing any new patterns, it is super important to me that my tutorials are not only easy to understand, but provide instructions that are both complete and accurate.

Even though I test all my patterns more than once, I can sometimes skip steps or become blinded to my own text and overlook some of the smaller details. This is why pattern testers are so important. You can help me correct some of these mistakes.

I try my best to catch all these errors before publishing, but as with all of us, I am only human and am bound to make a mistake! 

Why you should become a pattern tester?

There are many reasons to become a crochet pattern tester.

The most important reason might be to increase your crochet skills & gain experience. By reading and making different patterns, you will easily gain experience that will help you become a better crocheter.

  • You’ll receive a copy of the final PDF pattern you’re testing for free!
  • Your finished item will be completely yours to do what you like with!
  • I can share your project progress/finished Instagram pictures to my account (with you tagged of course!)

Before signing up to test a pattern you should consider if this is something you would choose to make yourself. Check the pattern requirements and ensure you can complete it by the set deadline.

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What are the Requirements to be a pattern tester?

Never pattern tested before? No problem, no experience required! I am looking for passionate crocheters who:

  • Have good attention to detail
  • Will see the project through from start to finish and can meet deadlines.
  • Can provide constructive and detailed feedback on the pattern.
  • Check for errors such as typos, spelling errors, stitch counts, etc.
  • Can take high-quality photos and will share progress/finished pictures on Instagram and/or Ravelry and LoveCrafts.
  • Must be able to purchase the yarn and materials needed to complete the project.

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How to apply to be a Just a Little Crochet pattern tester?

The first to step is to fill out the application form below! Once you’ve submitted your application for review, you will receive notification if you have been accepted into the program.

By subscribing you agree to receive emails each time a new pattern is available for testing. You will also receive information about the testing process & requirements.

Emails can contain affiliate links to help you with finding yarn needed for the testing process, but I do not require you to use them.

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